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Two ways for Keeping my English Skills

"Use it - or Lose it."


This is the word that my internship leader told us every time.

That's why I proceed two ways for keeping my English skills in usual life.


1. Shadowing in commuting

  I speak about the Steve Jobs' Speech in commuting.

  I use my smart phone and start the movie on Youtube.

  The movie is so powerful that I'm not tired of trying it every-single day. 

スティーブ・ジョブス スタンフォード大学卒業式辞 日本語字幕版 - YouTube

 I sometimes watch Bruce Lee's interview too.

Bruce Lee • The Lost Interview (filmed in 1971) - YouTube



2. Watch a Comedy in dinner

 Recently, my frined introduced me Hulu.

It's not free, but it worths more than the expense.


 I finish watching "Sherlock".

 Now, I start watching "Community"!


I do this method as like Goku- in Dragon Ball  kept being  "Super Saiya Jin" in usual life before fighting "Cell"!!

Please let me know if you know other good ways for keeping your English skills.